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Quality Wood Products 

Collingwood, Ontario

About AG Designs

AG Designs was born from a desire to use the authenticity and story contained in the process of reclaiming wood with history and giving it new purpose.  The company has grown from humble beginnings dismantling barns in 2009, to using those boards in unique tables and custom furniture, and even further in its current incarnation which still includes those beautiful custom pieces but extends to entire kitchen design.  Having built a specialized team of designers and skilled trades, the AG team will make your vision a reality.


We provide you with a team of experts working together to provide the best in design and custom builds serving the Georgian Bay area and beyond.


Our furniture design ranges from single accent pieces to a complete conceptual recreation of any given space.  Our exceptional craftsmanship speaks for itself.


There are so many things to be considered in your custom millwork.  The extent of the project will necessitate decisions on type of wood, finish, shape, proportion and enhancements.  Our millwrights bring years of distinct knowledge and experience to your disposal.   


Our team will take you through the creative design process all the way to completion of your exclusive kitchen done the way that best meets your needs.  We believe practical and beautiful can have equal value and we know that both will be specific for each individual. 

Large or small, we understand how important your space is.  Whether it’s an office, an entire house, or studio, every detail will be given the consideration and attention it deserves. 


What Do Past Clients think?

“In the past our search for unique high end furniture had us scouring the GTA and at times the rest of North America as well. What a nice surprise to find that what we had been looking for was local and easy to obtain. Adam and his team created several one of a kind custom pieces for our modern rustic Scandinavian theme home. These pieces are always the first thing our guests compliment when visiting our home. Best of all was the pleasant experience we had with every person we interacted with on the AG team. I have a feeling we're not done yet:)” 

Wade Grocott


We look forward to working with you, please contact us directly for an estimate. 

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